Friday, June 22, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

This could have turned into a real tragedy:

The Oneida County Health Department is investigating the Woodberry Hills Swim Club after an 11-year-old girl nearly drowned there this week, department officials said Friday...

Doctors told Saundra Forston Friday that Jessie had a good night, but she still is heavily sedated, Fortson said.

The mother of two had dropped off Jessie, a sixth-grader at Myles Elementary School, at the swim club Wednesday for an end-of-the-year party only minutes before she received a phone call that something terrible happened, she said.

"We never made it home," she said. "We turned right around."

Here's the really odd part:

Forston said she was under the impression the party was hosted by the school's PTA and signed a permission slip Jessie brought home.

The permission slip featured PTA President Lori Catanzarita's name as a contact, she said. Catanzarita would not comment when reached by a reporter Friday.

District Superintendent Daniel P. Gilligan said the event was not school-related or organized by the PTA. He said the event was organized by parents of sixth-graders.

"They were having little things like that back when I was elementary principal at Myles," he said. "If a child brings home a note, (parents) can think that note is from school. But it could be a note from the kids."

If this was a private party why did a parent have to sign a permission slip? Something about this doesn't make sense.