Wednesday, June 13, 2007

History Repeats

An announcement so small, so innocuous, that it's easy to overlook. Until you start thinking about what it implies.

McDonald’s and its renowned golden arches will exit Sangertown Square June 24, a mall representative said.

McDonald’s lease has expired, and the restaurant chain has chosen not to renew it, Sangertown Square General Manager Donna Houseman said.

The McDonald’s space will be replaced by Hannoush Jewelers in the fall, she said.
McDonald's closing will leave five restaurants in the mall's food court.

The McDonald's corporation is driven by metrics. Everything they do, from making french fries to the size of their menu boards, is based on careful research and an obsessive reliance on statistical analysis. They make mistakes (Hot side hot! Cold side cold!), but in general they're one of the best companies at spotting developing market trends...and recognizing when a market is collapsing.

Remember what happened to the Riverside Mall?

The same process just started at Sangertown Square.