Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Letters, We Get Letters...

A reader writes regarding the shenanigans surrounding the continuing saga of the Oneida County sales tax hike:

RoAnn Destito sponsored the bill but stuck it in under the Rules committee and asked to have her name withdrawn on the text of the bill. So, even though she is the sponsor, and under Assembly rules, she controls the legislation, her name will not appear when you search for it. So, she is hiding the fact that she is raising taxes. So, yesterday the bill came to the Assembly floor for a vote under "Assembly Rules" committee without her name. She and Bill Magee are the only Assembly members from Oneida County who can sponsor this bill. Bill Magee was not part of it.

She voted no.

Then, she furiously ran to the Majority Leader, Ron Canestrari, to drum up yes votes for the bill because it looked like it was going to fail. She was able to drum up 76 yes votes to pass the bill. Incredible isn't it?

She got her NYC pals in the Assembly to take the heat to maintain the largest sales tax in our county where they aren't elected. She can now run around and say she voted against it. Too bad she's the sponsor, and without her, the bill never would have reached the floor.

Ray Meier did the same thing last year.

This is our political class in Oneida County, God help us all.