Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stickyfingers Is Out, Roefaro Is In

Utica mayoral wannabe Frank "Stickyfingers" Meola, perhaps realizing that being part of an organized crime ring isn't the kind of experience voters are looking for, has decided to call it quits.

In April, city Democrats had endorsed Fourth Ward Councilman Frank Meola. Last month, Daniel Trevisani, a former city firefighter, announced his intention to win the party's nomination in a September primary.

Now, both men have stepped aside and say they support Roefaro, a former Utica Board of Education member.

The change comes just days after the Observer-Dispatch reported former Mayor Edward A. Hanna would be an independent candidate in the race.

This whole thing sounds strangely familiar. I think I need start taking the rantings of My Paranoid Friend (TM) more seriously.

Update: An emailer writes that Roefaro isn't the endorsed candidate. Allegedly, his nomination was rammed through without a proper notification to the full committee. I have no clue how true that is, but it would be hysterical if they screwed it up.