Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Diddler Strikes!

It's been a busy day for the moderator of the O-D's Storychat forum. The story on Ed Hanna's search for a new home in Utica has created an explosion of snark, some of which has been gut-bustingly funny. Sadly, most of the really hysterical posts have been removed because they crossed over into personal attacks. The O-D doesn't really have any another option, since it's a clear violation of their terms of service, but it's still a shame they were tossed into the digital dustbin.

Another issue has been bubbling under the surface of the discussion, but I haven't seen anyone come right out and name names yet: Hanna isn't the only Mayor accused of diddling his staff. "Utica315" in particular, who I have a sneaking suspicion is Larry Tanoury Jr., has been deflecting criticism of Hanna's after-hours activities by hinting around about other Mayoral shenanigans. That's cool with me, since I think an elected official that violates his vows of marriage is just as likely to violate his oath of office.


As for Julian's people who keep mentioning this "allegation"; maybe it's time that we release the fact that there is another (very similar) "allegation" against Julian right now. He may not be accused of harrassment, but I think the evidence would show that he is in effect paying (with raises) for sexual favors. Why doesn't the media report that?

This is a serious charge that goes beyond accusing someone of infidelity, something I don't think "Utica315" appreciates. Abusing the powers of your office to reward a subordinate for sexual favors is a crime. Cheating on your wife isn't.

Update: Sweet Jumpin' Jeebus, this comment thread with "Utica315" just keeps getting better:

"Maybe the media hasn't reported it because it’s NOT true. Julian has no suits or allegations against him. Check your facts."

No suits? Not true? Maybe YOU should check your facts! There is a suit, and NO I'm not who you all think I am. Just simply check the facts and see how much money this "suit" has already cost city taxpayers in defense costs.

Maybe the reason you haven't heard about it is because the Plaintiff in this case has class and doesn't see it fit to run to the media with the allegations. The circumstances surrounding the case ruined a young man's life. If it was me I would be telling the whole world what really happened. I guess he is more of a man than I am.

I think we just saw Larry Tanoury Jr. deny that he was Larry Tanoury Jr. while saying the lawsuit by Larry Tanoury Jr. against the city of Utica is costing the city money. But that's okay, because Larry Tanoury Jr. is a classy guy. And he's most definitely not Larry Tanoury Jr., but if he was his life was ruined. Oh, and Larry Tanoury Jr. is more of a man than he is, because he's definitely not Larry Tanoury Jr..

Got that?

Update: Ack! Who should appear in the thread but....Larry Tanoury Jr.! It's a miracle! Seriously, go over and read the entire thread. It's a hoot.

Update: A reader asks if it's wise to accuse someone of being Larry Tanoury Jr. after the person in question just accused a public official of committing a heinous crime. I suppose I'll find out, won't I?

Update: Wait, it might not be Larry Jr. after all. I'm nominating this one for "Epic Thread" status.