Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Naming Of Names

The entire Oneida County Legislature, with one exception, has voted to support a tax increase.

When state Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, was county executive, he initiated a 1.5 percentage point sales tax hike in 2005, which he said was needed to fund skyrocketing Medicaid costs. The sales tax went as high as 9.75 percent before dropping to 9 percent.

Under that legislation, the tax was supposed to drop to 8 percent this winter.

William Morehouse, D-Utica, said the county was breaking a promise made to taxpayers. He was the only county legislator to vote against the request made Wednesday.

"The sales tax is a regressive tax, it hits the poorest of the poor," he said.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente said he's still working on a plan to steer the county toward a fiscal road to stability. He said it could include a property tax increase, but would not say how much.

Here are the names, districts, addresses, and phone numbers of the legislators that voted for the tax increase. These are the men and women that are moving to give Oneida County one of the heaviest tax burdens not only in New York State, but in the nation. If you think a tax increase is a bad idea then please contact them and share your feelings. They are, after all, representing you. All the information below is taken from the legislature's own roster posted in PDF form over here.

D--1st Frank Puma 620 William Street, Rome 13440 336-3170 336-8226
D--2nd Michael J. Hennessy 439 Betsinger Rd. Sherrill 13461 363-0307 527-9663
D--3rd Edward C. Stephenson 135 E. Bacon Street, Waterville 13480 841-8691
D--4th Jack B. Gardner 8520 Halstead Rd. PO Box 17, Mcconnellsville 13401 245-3384 247-2794
R--5th Michael B. Waterman 6 Sixth St. Camden 13316 245-1893 225-7958
R--6th Les Porter 9692 Main St. PO Box 236, Remsen 13438 831-2191
D--7th Frank D. Tallarino 7883 West Thomas Street, Rome 13440 337-6340
R--8th Richard A. Flisnik 6669 Fox Road, Marcy 13403 865-8707
R--9th David K. Wilcox 10327 Coombs Rd. Holland Patent 13354 896-3991
R-10th George Joseph 7315 Merriman Rd, Clinton 13323 853-3006 853-1024
D-11th Carl V. Graziadei 8178 Cider St. PO Box 52 Oriskany 13424 768-4711 768-1522
R-12th Kenneth Brewer 5345 Townline Rd. Vernon 13476 829-4983
D-13th William B. Goodman 5113 Wilcox Road, Whitesboro 13492 736-1591
R-14th Michael D. Damsky 2113 Genesee Street, Utica 13501 732-1836 724-2676
R-15th James M. D'Onofrio P.O. Box 29 Utica, 13503 792-7721 732-5106
R-16th Brian D. Miller 9195 Red Hill Rd., New Hartford 13413 737-7550
R-17th Pamela N. Mandryck 9245 Sly Hill Road, Ava 13303 336-0469
R-18th Bernard O. Burns 21 Hamilton Place, Clinton 13323 853-2251
R-20th Gerald J. Fiorini 1800 Bedford Street Rome 13440 337-9045
R-21st Edward P. Welsh 15 Beverly Place, Utica 13501 738-0922 797-6129
D-22nd Harry A. Hertline 1209 Capital Avenue Utica 13502 724-2014
D-23rd Rose Ann Convertino 609 Blandina Street, Utica 13501 732-2403
R-24th Emil R. Paparella 613 Locust Drive, Utica 13502 735-8973
R-25th William R. Hendricks 139 Grove Place, Utica 13501 732-3107
D-26th Daniel N. LaBella 739 Pleasant St. Utica 13501 797-6718 797-0174
D-27th Joseph M. Furgol 1122 Jefferson Avenue, Utica 13501 735-7371
R-28th David J. Wood 7320 Coleman Mills Road, Rome 13440 337-1989
D-29th Patricia A. Hudak 103 Dwight Drive, Rome 13440 339-9960