Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dave Morgan: The Man, The Legend

This Friday the city of Utica is finally getting their day in court with "Deadbeat" Dave Morgan.

A Friday court trial could determine whether Kitty's on the Canal restaurant will be evicted from the city-owned building.

City Court Judge John S. Balzano met for nearly two hours Monday with Assistant Corporation Counsel William Borrill and attorney Anthony LaFache, who represents Kitty's.

Neither side would comment on the litigation.

City officials say the restaurant owes about $16,600 in past-due rent and utility payments and is requesting the court issue a warrant of eviction to remove the restaurant's owners from the building at the Utica Historic Marina.

Having eaten at Kitty's once, and discovering that Mr. Morgan's definition of "food" was considerably different from my own, I take solace in the idea that the great wheel of karma is about to crush him under it's unrelenting tread. You may remember that Mr. Morgan is the star of a widely emailed audio clip featuring his hysterically funny rantings about a malfunctioning elevator. You can listen to the clip over here. The recorded phone call is, to put it mildly, not safe for work.

Ironically, Mr. Morgan's filthy mouth is still considerably cleaner than the water flowing past his soon-to-be-closed restaurant at the Utica Marina.