Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nothing Can Stand Before The Empire!

Strange doings afoot in, of all places, New Hartford.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Town Board of the Town of New Hartford, in its capacity as governing body of the Town of New Hartford, does hereby support and concur with the Oneida County Empire Zone to include property as a Regionally Significant Project within the Oneida County Empire Zone within tax parcel 317.010-5-1, and located at 2 Wurz Avenue, Yorkville NY 13495.

Odd indeed when you look at the assessment data for that parcel; tax map number 317.010-5-1. The parcel is approximately 1 acre of residential vacant land assessed for $200.

The Wurz Avenue address is Bonide, but I have no idea what kind of benefit they would get from having a residential parcel incorporated into an Empire Zone.