Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seriously, WTF?

The latest development in the ongoing Fecal Follies is the amazing claim, despite months of reporting to the contrary, that there really isn't any raw sewage in the Mohawk River. Except for when there is.

O-D: Is there really raw sewage floating in the Mohawk River?

Picente: No, not in the least... I think over the last two years what they call 92 occurrences possibly.

Update: Someone forgot to tell Sen. Schumer that there really isn't any sewage in the Mohawk River:

Due to outdated infrastructure and limited capacity, untreated sewage from the sanitary and storm water sewage disposal is being dumped into the Mohawk River from the Oneida County sewer district, which consists of 13 different towns and villages. As a result, New York State slapped Oneida County with a proposed consent order that puts a stopper on new development, and would require the County to fix the problem by 2011.

The estimated cost to repair the waste water problem is $66 million. Until the problem is fixed, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation will not approve additional sewer extensions. As a result, the County is unable to approve building permits for commercial projects. In addition, there are serious health concerns from the sewage, including: fish and aquatic life in the water; animals wading in the water; and people who use the water for recreational uses, including swimming.

This would appear to put Sen. Schumer in the unenviable position of having requested federal funds and intervention in a problem that simply doesn't exist, since, as Mr. Picente claims, there isn't any raw sewage in the Mohawk River. I certainly hope the Oneida County Executive plans on telling Sen. Schumer that the considerable resources of the Army Corp of Engineers can be better used elsewhere.

Update: The story ID number this post originally linked to was changed, but I've now corrected the link.

Update: It changed again. And again. Arrrrrgh!