Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The "Republican" Thing

I'm not the only one having some major problems with the "Republicans" of Oneida County. Joe Politics has more.

There was a time that the Conservative party in Central New York was loyal to their counterparts in the Grand Old Party. In fact if one received the Republican endorsement, you could almost guarantee the Conservative line along with it.

Those days are over.. long over.

There is a perfect storm of dissent along party lines that is beginning to pit the Conservatives against the local Republicans and their recent endorsements, (which have not been made public to my knowledge) show just that. A few key nods could make races that at one point seemed to be irrelevant, interesting.

I think there's a growing realization amongst thoughtful members of every party that our elected officials, and the political class as a whole, have no core beliefs. They'll say and do anything to get elected and then go merrily on their way doing whatever the hell they feel like, at least until the next election.