Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Do Larry Tanoury Jr. And Don Imus Have In Common?

He's back! Larry Tanoury Jr. has launched his campaign Web site.

Democrat Larry Tanoury Jr., a candidate for the 25th District seat on the Oneida County Board of Legislators, has launched a campaign Web site.

Tanoury said the site,, will allow residents in the 25th District to keep current on the events of his campaign.

The seat is held by William Hendricks, a Republican.

Mr. Tanoury actually launched the website quite some time ago. In fact, he's been amazingly active on the internet over the past year or so. Just not in ways that will help his campaign.

From what I understand, before Mr. Tanoury shut off public access to his Myspace page there was some rather embarrassing material posted, particularly for someone who's campaigning as the savior of Cornhill. Worse, it was archived before he was able to sanitize it.

I wonder if it will pop up during the campaign.