Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is It Just Me?

Please tell me I'm not the only one that finds this letter to the editor in the Rome Sentinel appalling.

I was in Rome on the evening of April 3, when my dog got a three-prong fish hook in her mouth. It went through her tongue and upper lip.

I was on the phone for 45 minutes trying to get a veterinarian to help her. She was bleeding and trying to get it out with her paws. I made six calls to animal hospitals and veterinarians and the only one that would see her was Oneida Animal Hospital. I came for overnight, so I did not have that much money with me, and they wanted it paid in full that night. So my friend had to call relatives to get the money. The dog had to be put out, so it was not cheap. But at least they would see her.

I was in the Westernville area, so I didn’t know anything about Oneida, but I got there.
Other area veterinarians would not see my dog, because I was not a client. What do you do in the area if your loving pet needs immediate medical attention?

Wirecutters, to snip barbs from fish hook - $4
Mouthwash, to rinse dog's mouth- $3
Clove Oil, to sterilize wound and alleviate pain- $5
12 days worth of Cephalexin antibiotic (sold as "Fish Flex")- $12

Maybe it comes from growing up on a farm, but I'd use the same treatment if I ever snagged my own tongue with a fish hook. Not that I have, because that would be really stupid. And I'm not stupid.

Almost forgot- you'll probably want some cotton balls as well.

I bled like a stuck pig both times it happened.