Thursday, April 19, 2007

Larry Tanoury Is Down With That

Larry Tanoury has called me out.

A certain blogger has posted some troubling information about my MySpace profile. The post is offensively titled "What do Larry Tanoury Jr. and Don Imus have in common?".

I have known about these naive allegations for some time, however, I thought they were so immature and childish that they didn't warrant a reply. However, I have now heard that certain Democrats are actually questioning what this is all about.

It's simple. I had a MySpace account for several years. MySpace is a social network which allows me to keep in touch with my friends across the country. The so-called "embarrassing material" was a simple RAP SONG.

Okay, I'll bite. What was the song?

Update: In addition to this post I've left a comment on Mr. Tanoury's blog asking the same question. If he chooses not to respond via email or his own blog within a reasonable time I'll assume he doesn't wish to answer it. I hope he doesn't do that, because I think this is a great opportunity for him to dispell my "lack of understanding of other cultures." Considering his extensive experience with racial inequality and human rights issues I think there's a lot we could all learn from such a discussion.

Update: I've been told there is indeed an archival copy of Mr. Tanoury's Myspace page from the time in question, as well as a way to access his current page. Since Mr. Tanoury may well be away from internet access I'll give him some more time to respond before exploring those options.

Update: A helpful reader writes:

"...ol' 3.9 must use spell check a bit better on his term papers than he does his blog.

I currently have a cummulative GPA of 3.9 and am planning on transfering to Utica College to major in Political Science with a minor in Human Rights Actavism.

If someone was going to Actavate on my behalf I'd hope he could spell."

Bad spelling does have a negative "cumulative" effect on reader perceptions.