Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fear The Fur

CNY Circus has a look at Ithaca College's use of the virtual reality world of Second Life as a classroom.

No dull old talking head hook-ups by computer or satellite for guest lecturers at Ithaca College. They’ve started making virtual trips to campus by sending their avatars from the online alternate universe of Second Life.

What the linked Ithaca Journal article fails to mention is that Second Life is populated with the most ridiculed, hated, and marginal group on the internet: Furries.

If you've seen the infamous CSI episode featuring the Furry community you've seen but a glimpse of their horrific nature. Gaze upon the abomination, if you dare!

I firmly believe that nothing is beyond Furries. Some will sink to any level to gratify their sexual urges. A lot of furries assure me that not ALL Furries like looking at poorly drawn pictures of cartoon characters having sex, not ALL Furries like reading Rescue Rangers erotic fiction, not ALL Furries have sex in Fursuits, not ALL Furries own a collection of specially modified 'yiffable' soft toys, not ALL Furries do these things - it's just the 'Furverts' it's just some bad 'Fursons' that are into those things.

Note: Do not click on the the link to the above site if you value your sanity. The author describes the activities of the Furry subculture in detail and it's not pretty. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that would make Larry Flynt blush.