Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Incompetent Or Corrupt? Discuss.

The FUBAR Express just keeps chuggin' along, as the Town of New Hartford holds yet another recount of the bonding ballots.

A second recount likely will be held soon on a storm-water management bond passed in the March 29 special election so that the public this time can witness the tally of ballots, town officials said Tuesday.

According to officials from the state Board of Elections, Town Clerk Gail Wolanin Young likely violated state election law by holding a private recount April 2 without informing the public. Because of that recount, the $2 million storm-water management bond, which was voted down by six votes in the previous count, was approved by at least 75 votes, she said last week.

Deputy Town Clerk Margaret M. Jones said she was not sure when the second recount will happen. Town officials and Young are expected to inform residents about the recount at tonight's town board meeting, Jones said.

Seriously, it's time for heads to roll. Town officials have now bungled this matter so thoroughly that, given the available evidence, it's starting to look like the only possible explanations for how badly it's been handled are incompetence or corruption. Neither of which inspires any great confidence in the administration's continued ability to govern.

As usual, Fault Lines and New Hartford N.Y. Online have far more thorough coverage of the matter, including documentation.