Monday, April 2, 2007

Self-Interest Is The Sincerest Kind

Strikeslip brings up some curious facts about Assemblywoman Roanne Destito's concerns about bad well water.

It's rather interesting that Mrs. Destito is worried about contaminated wells in Kirkland when her district is Utica, Rome, Whitestown, Floyd, and Marcy. It's also rather interesting that certain elected officials in western Oneida County think that they should just be able to tap into "city" water that comes from Herkimer County, when alternative supplies are readily available from other sources.

The engineering study conducted to determine the best source of supply for Verona (as part of Verona's permit application) concluded that among 3 alternatives (the City of Rome, the Onondaga County Water Authority, and the MVWA), the MVWA was the least cost effective solution.

Why, it's not as if Mrs. Destito's family has any kind of monetary interest in the expansion of the MVWA. She just wants people to have good, pure water. The kind of crystal clear water that flows from the foothills of the Adirondacks, down into Herkimer County, and then westward, ever westward, into Oneida County. Taking that water even further west just happens to have the happy side-effect of sending the value of certain existing properties through the roof, albeit at the expense of the system's current customers.

Of course, as Mrs. Destito will point out, it's not about real estate values. It's about the kids. Don't the children of Kirkland deserve pure water? Do we really want them drinking well water that could be filled with...uh...bad stuff? No! They deserve better, no matter what the cost.

Do it for the children!