Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're Here To Help You

Strikeslip beat me to the punch on the state Senate Republicans offering up a 4 billion dollar plan to save upstate.

Sorry, Republicans, especially Mr. Bruno . . . You have lost all credibility as to your ability to straighten out the Upstate Economy. What exactly did you accomplish in the last 12 years for attracting jobs while you controlled both the Senate and the Governor's Office? In CNY alone in just the last 5 years: Ethan Allen, Oneida Ltd., Carrier, Union Fork, LaSalle Labs . . . . . gone or severely downsized.

I've been a Republican my entire adult life, but I'm increasingly thinking that the party, or at least the New York version of it, has turned into something I can't support. I take cold comfort in the fact that many of my Democratic friends feel the same way about their party.