Friday, May 11, 2007

The Enemy Of My Enemy...

I'm mercilessly harsh on the guy, but Larry Tanoury deserves credit for linking to my tax rant.

CNY Snakepit has a great post regarding Picente's "so-called" sales tax decrease.

As pointed out, correctly, he is NOT lowering the sales tax. He is actually increasing it by .75%. The sales tax increase was supposed to expire in November, bringing it back down to 8%. Even though Picente promised the sales tax increase would end when he was appointed, he is now playing election year politics. He contadicts himself by telling us we have a surplus (good political sound bite), yet warns of more property tax increases.

Hmmmmm...I'm starting to think this High Taxes Suck (TM) thing could be a useful political issue. Too bad the Republicans don't seem to be embracing it.

I'm still upset that Larry wants to take away my beautiful chrome and ivory Ruger Mk II target pistol, but that's a post for another day.

(Editor: He shoots, he scores! In one fell swoop he advances his libertarian tax agenda, sets up the "Why do they want to take my guns?" meme, and solidifies his bi-partisan gadfly credentials. Genius!)