Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Game's Afoot

Joe Politics has a nice summation of the increasingly interesting lineup of candidates for the fall follies.

The surprise comes from Mr. Trevisani. He and Julian are boyhood friends, but only worked together for a few months. The public story of his brief tenure was that he was offered an opportunity that was too good to turn down at the Masonic Home. The back story is that Julian wanted Trevisani to go to a few meetings and represent the city, but have no real role in running the city. He challenged the Mayor who did not back down and a lesson was learned: don't work with someone you want to remain friends with. It appears that Trevisani, (who has never made secret his desire to be Mayor) has not gotten over it. My belief is that in this one, Trevisani ultimately backs away and makes plans to run for Mayor in four years.

Don't forget.. Robert Palmieri is still lingering out there, yet to make a formal decision.

Be sure to read the part about Leon Koziol. Last night someone sent me an email regarding his run that I thought was a joke. It wasn't.

The email, I mean.