Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm Late To The Party

Thankfully, someone stayed sober over the weekend and didn't let their blogs go to pot. Joe Politics has a two-fer tackling the Julian/Meola Felonious Face-Off and Mr. Arcuri's potential challengers.

The first was a story I was hoping someone would write, but never expected it would come from them. It describes how both candidates for Mayor of Utica have a checkered legal past. They wrote the story down the middle and basically laid out the facts and then had "real" people say that it won't have a major impact on their decision. The best part was the comments after the online story. One reader said what we all were thinking.

"...who are these people who question why voters would consider criminal convictions of candidates. Are you kidding me?? Julian was arrested by Pylman; Meola was in a multimillion dollar fencing operation. Is there NO ONE ELSE ??....And Julian and Meola can understand why anyone would be interested in their criminal convictions ?? Are each of them suffering from some brain disorder ??"

Meanwhile, over at Fault Lines, Strikeslip gives me way too much credit for hacking the Meola story. How I wish that were true. If they really want a fun story I can't imagine anything more amusing than taking a serious look at Larry Tanoury's online antics. Particularly in light of his family history. Apples falling from trees, and all that.