Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Pigs Have Taken Wing

After watching this video I'm not sure if I've slipped into some kind of Bizzaro world or ascended to heaven, but I obviously can't be in our reality. Head over to Capitol Confidential to check it out for yourself.

A quick summary: the Democratic Governor of New York State is convinced that high taxes are one of the main reasons people are fleeing the state. More importantly, he's going to fight both the Legislature and the Senate to get a property tax cap put into place.

See what I mean about waking up in Bizarro world?

If this isn't just political Kabuki, and there's certainly a chance he's just going through the motions, it looks like Gov. Paterson is going to go to the mat on this. If he follows through and starts making real changes, instead of cloaking himself in the mantle of "change" the way former Gov. Spitzer did, he could go a long way towards making New York a place people once again want to call home.

Update: Here's the embedded version of the video, but you should still head over to Capitol Confidential just because it's a great site.