Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Double The Money, Double The Fun

Flushed with excitement over the hundreds of jobs the city has managed to lose so far this year, the Utica Common Council says their lawyer needs a raise.

Common Council Attorney Anthony J. Garramone could get a pay raise for what some council members say is a heavy workload.

Garramone was hired as council attorney Jan. 23 at the salary of $12,500 a year.

Now, some members say the former Utica City Court judge is logging more hours than originally anticipated and he deserves a raise.

“He’s way under what he should be getting,” council member James Zecca, D-2, said. “I’ve never heard of any attorney doing the legal work and research and getting such little pay.”

The council could pay Garramone at twice the initial rate for the remaining six months of the year, amounting to $12,500 between July and December.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Garramone in charge of the Pylman "investigation"? You know, the one that's taken over a year, still isn't finished, and shows no sign of being resolved anytime soon despite the departure of it's target, former police chief C. Allen Pylman? Are they seriously suggesting he needs to be payed even more based on *those* stellar results?

I believe Judge Garramone is also the recipient of a rather lucrative state pension and extended benefits, not to mention his other business interests. I might be wrong about that, since the O-D story linked to above includes this puzzling picture of the Judge:

He might be pulling down a pension worth over $80,000 a year, but it's obvious he's not spending it on his clothes.

Powder blue?

I'm surprised he isn't wearing the matching blue velvet cummerbund.