Monday, June 9, 2008

The O-D's Lost Weekend

Did anything happen in Utica this weekend? Anyone know?

I don't, because I have to rely on the Observer-Dispatch website to get my news about the area. It looks like almost the entire staff went on vacation for the weekend, since no more than a handful of stories have been posted. The scant number of articles on Friday trailed off into nothing by Sunday, making it appear like most of the staff drank themselves into oblivion at Saranac Thursday and then said "To hell with it," till Monday.

I spent most of the weekend boozin' it up too, but I'm just an amateur doing this for laughs. It's not like I'm a paid professional with people relying on me for news.

Update: Now the paper's website has a flurry of articles that were supposedly posted over the weekend, but that I've never seen before this morning. Since I clear my browser cache daily I doubt I was looking at outdated pages, but it's equally doubtful that I just didn't see them. Is this happening to anyone else? Or am I just losing my already weak grasp on sanity?

Update: Now I wish I had a copy of the print edition. A kind emailer says the City of Utica has published a foreclosure notice for property owned by...wait for it...Robert Sullivan. You know, the city's Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development.

Is this what they call "leading by example"?