Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's All The O-D's Fault

Two weeks ago Utica Mayor David Roefaro floated the inane idea of turning Oneida Square into a traffic circle. The reaction was, predictably, overwhelmingly negative, but not because it was a silly idea. No, the real reason it was universally condemned was because of the insidious machinations of the evil Observer-Dispatch.

At least that's the version of the story Mayor Roefaro is floating:

The Roundabout Conceptual plan was just a concept. The New York State Department of Transportation worked on this with the City of Utica. It was not the only concept proposed to address traffic lights and issues in and around Genesee Street.

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Obviously, the administration thinks the only reason their goofy idea to spend millions of taxpayer dollars moving a statue 26 feet was because the Observer-Dispatch made it sound like a bad idea. It seems to escape their notice that the roundabout concept *is* a bad idea, for reasons that a multitude of people not affiliated with the Roefaro "Friends and Family" plan have pointed out.