Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Showtime

That's the Phoenix Lander sitting on the surface of Mars. The picture, in which you can actually make out the lander's main body and the solar panels on either side, was taken by another one of our probes currently orbiting the planet.

Let that roll around in your brain for a minute.

We don't just have a single probe on Mars. We have an entire fleet of robots exploring the planet. A hundred years ago we were taking the first steps towards getting an airplane off the ground and today we're sitting in the comfort of our homes viewing pictures from a world located millions of miles across the solar system.

Hopefully, today is the day we'll get more than just pretty pictures. Scientists with the mission are expected to deploy the titanium scoop manufactured in Frankfort by the CTM Corporation sometime this afternoon. If all goes according to plan it will collect it's first samples of Martian soil and ice by the time we sit down for dinner.