Saturday, August 11, 2007

To The Bahamas, Via Utica

A couple making their way from Lake Superior to the Bahamas (!) had a less then wonderful time in Utica.

After leaving Sylvan Beach we had intended to tie up in Utica but IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The wall there is like Mount Everest, and there are no facilities to speak of, so we went on to Ilion. Highly recommended as well - at Ilion there are hot showers, electric hookups, a cute little cafe, and walking distance to everything. Today we went through 5 locks including lock 17 - a 40-foot drop and arguably the largest lock (or largest lift/drop) in the world. It was impressive.

Read the rest of the post and you'll see that they've been having a great time making their way down the canal, with the notable exception of our fair city.