Wednesday, August 22, 2007

C'Mon And Ride It

All aboard! The Diddler's Mantrain is now leaving the station.

Former two-time Mayor Edward A. Hanna has secured a spot on the ballot in November.

Hanna, who is running for Utica mayor, turned in 1,571 signatures between Monday and Tuesday to the Oneida County Board of Elections, he said.

Tuesday was the last day to file independent petitions.

Hanna will be an independent candidate in the Nov. 6 election, running on a line he's calling For The People.

"We did extremely well," he said. "The reception has been excellent."

Now that Hanna is officially on the ballot, much to the surprise of many, the potential impact of the alleged audio tape containing graphic descriptions of his sexual peccadilloes grows with each passing day. Was Hanna able to track down every copy of the tape? If he wasn't, who has it and how do they intend to use it?

More importantly, how will the blue-hairs react to hot guy-on-guy action becoming a major campaign theme?