Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bring Out The Gimp

Note: This was supposed to have been posted Tuesday, but Blogger was choking on the graphic.

Tomorrow's the day, my friends. So bend over and close your eyes, 'cause here it comes.

County legislators will vote Wednesday on a sales tax measure that has both political and financial consequences.

The 29 lawmakers are being asked to enact a .75 percent sales tax in place of the 1 percent levy that expires on Nov. 30. What they decide will have major impact on next year’s county budget and property taxes...

Enacting the sales tax is a way "to avoid a major property tax increase," said County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr., who favors the measure. But even with the sales tax, Picente projects an unspecified hike in property taxes — saying only that it will be "more" if the .75 sales tax measure fails muster tomorrow. The .75 percent tax would bring in about $19 million next year.

Every one of these people is up for election in November. Marcellus Wallace ain't gonna be their bitch, no way, no how. Are you?