Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clueless Local Media: The Saga Continues

I know I'm being cranky with WKTV, but the wide-eyed wonder of this story just rubbed me the wrong way.

The world’s first solar powered boat was in Rome Thursday, just for show, but it impressed many.

Is it really that hard to type "solar powered boat" in Google? I'll concede this is a fluff piece, but why would a reporter fail to do even the simplest fact checking for a story? There are hundreds of solar powered boats afloat today, not counting the thousands of vessels that have supplementary solar cells.

Why, I've even heard tell of boats equipped with those new-fangled solar powered things called "sails".

Note: This is the kind of pedantry you get when my carefully planned weekly schedule is thrown out of whack. If it weren't for tonight's storms I would have been at Saranac Thursday working up a good buzz right now instead of ranting on the internet. Mea maxima culpa.