Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It All Adds Up

Oneida County's bleak economic situation has taken another hit with the announcement that yet another local employer is going under:

State and local leaders vowed Tuesday to help the more than 40 employees who will lose their jobs when Canterbury Press closes at the end of the week.

The business, which opened in 1950, has laid off 42 people, a state Department of Labor spokeswoman said Tuesday. A handful of employees will continue working until the end of the week.

That's another 42 jobs down the tubes in a year that has already seen hundreds of jobs flee the area and the tally of losses is, frankly, scary. In just the past few months Utica's ConMed has announced 150 layoffs, 104 jobs vanished with the closure of the Rome Home Depot, and 25 jobs disappeared when Linens n' Things shuttered it's Utica location. That's 321 jobs lost since May, and that total doesn't take into account any of the smaller companies that didn't make the news when they shut down.

Update: A kind emailer points out that the bankruptcy filing of the "Steve & Barry's" clothing chain likely means their store in the Riverside Center will be closing. That probably amounts to another 20-30 jobs down the drain.