Monday, July 7, 2008

And The Song Remains The Same...

Strikeslip has a great post up about the upcoming Contractor and Administration Employment mean the upcoming Utica school bond vote:

Wow. These are the same people who studied a project for months that they could not carry out, shuffled administrators like they were a deck of cards, couldn't keep student schedules straight, ran out of textbooks, and spent a ton of money at Proctor and now want to spend more at the same school. Did Ms. Eichler "slip" with the reference to "support groups" in the quote above. One suspects that the spending really isn't to benefit the kids, but to benefit the "support groups" and all the others who are allegedly there to "help" the kids, but are really helping themselves . . . to a lot of money.

Be sure to check out the comments as well, since they include the obligatory "it doesn't cost taxpayers a dime" party line. 'Cause, you know, all that state funding just magically appears under the magic mushrooms of the money fairies.