Monday, July 28, 2008

The Firm Hand Steering The Ship Of State

Dave Roefaro once again demonstrated his masterful grasp of city government over the weekend:

Utica Mayor David Roefaro said during an interview Wednesday that his opinion “doesn’t even make a difference” as far as giving medical coverage to part-time employees. It was in practice long before he took office, the mayor said.

“They’re all covered by union,” Roefaro said. “There’s no at-will employees who are getting benefits.”

But, according to the city Comptroller’s Office, there is one part-time attorney who receives medical benefits and retirement. Two additional part-time attorneys also are enrolled in the retirement program. All three are considered “at-will” or nonunion employees.

Roefaro, interviewed again on the subject one day later, said he believes the part-time employee policy could be reviewed.

“Everything deserves to be looked at,” he said Thursday.

Part-time city employees getting sweetheart deals on Mayor Roefaro's watch? Say it ain't so!