Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pylman's Pricetag

It looks as though Utica Police Chief C. Allen Pylman will be stepping down, but the details of how much it's going to cost the city are a bit hazy beyond "lots".

Keep in mind that a year ago Councilman David Roefaro stated that the Common Council's investigation into Chief Pylman had uncovered evidence, presumably of criminal activity, that needed to be sent to the State Attorney General. Now Mayor Roefaro is cutting him a check and sending him on his way.

Curious, that.

Update: WKTV says it's a done deal, but they don't have a pricetage either.

Update: The Observer-Dispatch put a story up just before midnight:

Mayor David Roefaro plans to make an announcement this week regarding the city’s police chief.

The mayor said he’s received media inquiries about Utica police Chief C. Allen Pylman’s tenure with the department. Roefaro wouldn’t elaborate on the nature of the announcement.

“It is regarding that matter, and it’s really all I can say right now,” he said Sunday. When he returns Tuesday to City Hall, Roefaro said he has to consult with the Corporation Counsel. He will make an announcement Tuesday or Thursday, he said.

If the city is going to pay off Pylman to keep mean compensate him for the remainder of his contract, there's a good chance they'll be dropping all the documents and testimony collected by the council into the memory hole. Which means a Utica police officer was able to assault a handcuffed suspect, falsify his report about the assault, and get away with it.