Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Hotel Utica: Your Tax Dollars At Work

You would think an infusion of over $5 million dollars in taxpayer cash would allow the Hotel Utica to truly recapture the grandeur and style of it's bygone glory days.

In reality, quite the opposite seems to be true, at least according to the reviews on popular vacation planning site TripAdvisor. Here's what some of the more brutal visitors had to say:

The bed sagged in the middle, the hallway carpets were dull and dingy. There appeared to be remnants of blood stains on the wall of my room, which was 606 by the way. Urine stains in front of the toilet and outdated tv's as well. The steak in the 1912 restaurant was very tough and the food was just average. Front desk staff was uncaring and indifferent.

Be prepared to schlep your own luggage up stairs to lobby. All 3 entrances, including the one leading to the parking lot, have stairs. Wheelchair lift is at entrance on the opposite side of the building from the parking lot--If you have trouble with stairs i wouldn't recommend travelling alone to this hotel.

After concert came back to room to have coffee, there was still coffee in pot from last customer, front desk at this time of nite no help, my wife had to go down to the hotel restaurant herself and wash out coffee pot.

As a native of the area, I can say for sure that it's not the best part of Utica, and I probably wouldn't walk around too far alone but the place is completely safe inside so as long as you don't plan on venturing out alone in the depths of the night.

Breakfast was only fair considering the purported stature of the hotel, and quality of maid service could be improved. At the moment this is still an interesting and adequate hotel, but it appears to be at risk for the future.

The soda was flat, the wait staff slow, it was the WORST hotel experience of our life. Whatever CLASS this hotel had was in the past. We were very, very disappointed!

Body fluids, dirty pots, dingy interiors, and a warning not to go outside at night- and those are just the reviews from the first two pages. It sure looks like that $5 million dollars is paying some big dividends, eh?