Thursday, May 22, 2008

Money Can't Buy You Love

The Snakepit has been getting quite a number of search hits since Tuesday's Department of the Interior decision on the Oneida Indian Nation's land into trust application. Some of the more interested searchers appear to be looking for details of Congressman Michael Arcuri's relationship with the Nation, particularly any financial support or contributions he received.

I believe what they're trying to find are the details surrounding the short-lived "New Yorkers for Better Communities" 527 group that was sponsored by the Oneidas during the 2006 congressional election. A brief blurb about it's founding can be found in the New York Daily News archives over here, while records of it's financial transactions are available here.

A casual perusal of the group's expenditures will show that pretty much all the money funneled into the group ended up at Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates. What a shock!