Saturday, July 21, 2007

You're Outta Here

The final nails have been driven into the coffin of baseball in Utica.

New York State League of Professional Baseball commissioner Jay Acton announced Saturday morning that the Murnane Field-based league has ceased operations after less than three weeks.

Acton would not comment on the decision, saying only that "a press release announcing the league is folding is being released."

Players met at Murnane Field on Saturday morning to turn in their jerseys, hats, belts and socks. By 11 a.m., some players had emerged from the clubhouse with their first -- and last -- paychecks.

Don't feel too bad. You can still buy a copy of Jay Acton's informative book on how to make money from minor-league baseball at Amazon. I'm guessing this means it won't become a bestseller.

Update: It's good to see some of the money from Mr. Arcuri's $500 breakfasts was put to good use.


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