Friday, July 20, 2007

Exclusive: Major New Tenant At Griffiss Business and Technology Park

Flash! In the next few months Rome's Griffiss Business and Technology Park could become home to a major new tenant that would dwarf anything there now. Who is it? The entire United States government! Rome will be the featured capital of the post-nuclear US if CBS executives order additional episodes of "Jericho".

10:45 am: "I don't think any of us thought it would come back when the decision was made [to cancel it], because it only happened one time before," says Barbee, who adds that the Season 2 story will focus solely on the happenings in Jericho. Had there been a full-season pickup, part of the action would've been set in New York.

I bailed on the show after about ten episodes, but I followed the advice of friends and gave it another chance after it's initial cancellation. By then the show was off the air, so I watched the last six episodes of the season, and at time the last six episodes of the show period, via CBS's website. Amazingly, the show somehow turned itself around and was actually pretty good. Even more interesting was the fact that Rome became the "temporary" capital for the most powerful government faction after the country was devastated by a series of nuclear detonations.

After a highly successful campaign by fans upset by it's cancellation CBS ordered seven additional episodes of the series. If the new episodes do well in the ratings the network will commit to another 15 episodes that would, presumably, include the hi-jinks going on in Rome.

If you want to check out the show you can view every episode from the first season over here.