Thursday, February 7, 2008

NYRI's Kabuki Theater Plays Out

What a shock! What a surprise! The backers of the NYRI powerline proposal are considering some alternate routes:

NYRI's supplemental application will be filed on or around Feb. 22 with the state Public Service Commission, according to a public notice the power line company has placed in several upstate newspapers.

The notice lays out alternative routes in addition to the proposed route. Additional routes studied include Marcy South and running the line along the Thruway corridor, NYRI spokesman David Kalson said.

The Thruway route, however, was not mapped out in the media notice.

Anyone want to lay down a bet that the Marcy South route will turn out to be the perfect "compromise" for everyone involved?

I hate to say "I told ya so", but...

In response to a question, I think a version of NYRI is unstoppable. I also think the current "use the railroad right of way" proposal is part of an elaborate shell game designed to distract opposition. In response to protests the interests behind NYRI will forge a "compromise" involving the use of an existing power line route. Everyone will pat themselves on the back for a job well done, the politicians get to take credit for "stopping NYRI", and the powerlines still get built in someone elses back yard. Which is exactly what I think was planned from the start.

Keep an eye on the Upstate power companies and special interests doling out political contributions and I think you'll notice a pattern. One that, I'm sure, is just a total coincidence.