Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Will Never Stop Fighting NYRI...Unless It Goes Down the Thruway. That's Cool.

Strikeslip pretty much sums up my feelings on the latest iteration of the NYRI story:

The impression that one gets from reading today's editorial and an accompanying article is that the Observer-Dispatch is cozying up to the idea that NYRI could be a good thing for us . . . as long as it follows that Thruway Corridor.

The O-D argues that the Thruway is the "best" option because:

* It would run along a corridor that is already there.
* It would create less disruption to area neighborhoods.
* It would be more likely to avoid the Marcy Nanotech site, which has been touted as an economic key to the Mohawk Valley’s economic future.

The obvious questions that the OD's 3 arguments should raise are: (1) Isn't the railroad right-of-way that NYRI proposes to use also a "corridor that is already there?" (2) What "area neighborhoods" would a Thruway route disrupt? and (3) Why is a Thruway route less likely to disrupt the Nanotech site than the alternative routes already on the table? The arguments are "B.S."

The fact that the area's federal and state elected officials appear to be endorsing this plan is, at best, disturbing. I'm pretty sure it's just more kabuki, but I'm surprised the whole "We'll fight against this thing tooth and nail...unless it's along the Thruway" about-face hasn't generated more blowback.

Strike's other recent articles on NYRI are worth a look while you're there.